Adverse Weather

Adverse Weather Arrangements

In any school closure emergency (snow or otherwise) we would like to be sure that all parents or emergency contacts can be contacted promptly. Information is gathered annually and you will receive the relevant forms in due course (ScotXed). Any change in emergency address (known as a snow address) should be notified to school to ensure that each pupil can be accommodated in Rhynie if necessary.
In the event of severe weather the school bus may not run. If this happens please do not bring your son or daughter into school as we will have no way of getting them home.

There are two options for finding out whether or not the school is open or closed. Please note: social media is not an official outlet for informing about a school closure, but we will endeavour to update our school Facebook page (as not all parents are on social media).

Online – on the council website:
The website is at  The website is easy to use and, again, the information will be updated at regular intervals as appropriate. You can also  Sign in with myAberdeenshire to register for email alerts or download the myAberdeenshire app to get notifications when your school(s) updates their closure status.

Radio Announcements
Local radio stations will continue to announce closures (in fact, the website is linked to these radio stations, and when the school updates the message on the site it is automatically e-mailed to them).

The radio stations are:
BBC Radio Scotland
Northsound 1
NECR (North East Community Radio)
Original 106

The systems described above should make it easier to get accurate information about school closures during bad weather or other emergencies.

Should there be a sudden emergency during the school day parents will be contacted to collect their child and again the local radio stations will be informed and will broadcast information.